About doxo

about-imgOur story isn’t really about us.

It’s about what consumers and doxo agree on. We both agree routine monthly bill paying is a stressful, time consuming and frustrating pain they could do without. We wish we could make it all go away, but we can’t. What we can do is make it better, simpler and centered around the consumer. So, as a group of innovative and industrious folks, who also pay bills, we set out to blow up the bill pay status quo, and hand you the control.

Simply put, we have one singularly focused, customer centered mission: Bill Pay Independence Through A Simple & Secure, One Destination Experience.

Since 2008, we’ve collaborated with over 2 million customers and billers who’ve helped build, and now rely on doxo’s searchable, stand-alone bill pay network, and our customers can reach over 45,000 payable billers to date, many on a monthly basis. We stay focused on addressing and filling the massive fragmentation gaps in bill pay; the lack of choice and options that would put the consumer in control. Bill pay gets better for both the consumer and the provider when the customer is in the center. So, doxo flipped the bill pay model, and consumers can now be in control of how they pay their monthly bills. We do that by providing the only single destination, single login, simple & secure bill pay on the largest proprietary network of billers in the U.S. to every hard working, bill paying consumer. We’re delivering everyone a standard way to pay any biller using any payment method on any device. We call it Bill Pay Independence.

Where else can you do that?

Moreover, the doxo directory of billing providers is set to double in 2019. Why? Because all providers get paid directly, fast and free. And just by adding doxo’s customer centered bill pay channel to their existing bill pay channels providers enjoy a number of attractive benefits, like an increase in electronic payments, speedier collections, and an expansion of mobile engagement. All this plus the added choices of Apple Pay, Google Pay and Coinstar’s national network of kiosks is making bill paying a lot less painful for their customers.

This is how a few good-natured, conscientious, and did we mention bill paying folks in Seattle, are blowing up bill pay.